THE UNION MEETING WILL NOW BE HELD ON SATURDAY AUGUST 8, 2020.  We will be conducting all past meetings, April through August on Saturday August 8th beginning at 9:00 AM.
To help protect our members, as well as abiding by social distancing and mask ordinance in KCMO, the number of people entering the “hall” will be limited. Anyone entering the “hall” will be provided a mask. A speaker has been installed outside the “hall” allowing members to sit in their vehicles if they feel more comfortable listening to the meeting. The business office itself will be closed, so no dues or any other transactions will be conducted.  We want to have a safe and orderly gathering for each and every member attending, as well as the health of the families they will be going home to.

BUSINESS OFFICE OPERATIONS DURING PHASE of JACKSON COUNTY RECOVERY PLAN at 8600 Hillcrest Rd., KCMO; Main Entrance Open; Face masks provided and encouraged to wear; Keep 6-foot social distance requirements; Use provided hand sanitizer; Must fill out screening questionnaire before any business is conducted; All dues payments, transactions, or any other business will be done through windows. (Local 533, Health & Welfare, Transamerica)


Our sincere condolences to the families of our brother member who has passed.
Retired member, Maurice H. Katzer, 85, of Centerville, KS passed away July 22, 2020. He was originally initiated 2/18/1954, went on military and then honorable withdrawal; was reinstated 2/8/1985 (35 years of service this year). He retired 1/1/2002. He has two brothers, Jerry Katzer and Fred Katzer, a nephew, Pat Katzer and cousin, James Katzer; all Local 533 pipefitters. 

TRANSAMERICA INVESTMENT (BOB BURKS) – TUESDAY AFTERNOONS AT THE HALL will now be open every Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. Mask is required to meet with Bob Burks. He is available to meet individually with members who have questions or who need assistance with their Transamerica portfolios. If you wish to discuss your portfolio, stop by and visit with Bob, or give him a call at 913-451-3546 to schedule an appointment.

Bank Midwest Savings Accounts have limits for withdrawals per month. Federal Law allows up to six (6) withdrawals per calendar month, however Bank Midwest only allows three (3) withdrawals per month at no cost. The 4th withdrawal and each thereafter will cost $1.00 each. If six (6) withdrawals are made in three (3) different calendar months Bank Midwest will change the savings account into a checking account. This will require the member to open a new savings account for monthly deposits to continue. Savings deposits will be in a holding account until a new savings account is opened. Deposits will not be made into a checking account. Members can open a new savings account at any Bank Midwest location or at the Pipefitters LU 533 Business Office. If you have any questions. Please contact the Business Office at 816-523-1533.

To report death notices, or if you know of a member who is ill or injured, please contact the Business Office at (816) 523-1533.
Please notify the business office of address, telephone number or beneficiary changes, including email addresses, mobile numbers and pager numbers. These updates are critical in case of emergencies. Please note that our business office will always notify members of emergency calls from their families, but we are dependant upon members to update our office with current contact information. Please send your updated information to the Pipefitters Business office at 8600 Hillcrest Rd., Kansas City, MO 64138 or call us at (816) 523-1533.

Questions or information regarding the Health & Welfare or Local Pension Funds should be directed to Wilson-McShane at (816) 361-0206, fax number (816) 444-4275, 8600 Hillcrest Rd., Suite A, Kansas City, Missouri 64138. Wilson-McShane can also be reached at (816) 756-3313, toll free (866) 756-3313, 3100 Broadway, Suite 805, Kansas City, Missouri 64111. Questions regarding the National Pension call 1 (800) 638-7442. United Association Website:
Chuck Roseburrough, Financial Sec’y-Treas.

Apprentices schedules for the 20-21 school year will be mailed soon. Apprentices classes will be delivered in the traditional face-to-face format, On-line and a blend of the two learning methods. OSHA 30 courses begin Aug 3, call the Training Center if interested. Please make sure to keep all contact information (Address, Phone, Email) current.

Applications for the Apprenticeship Program are available online beginning Monday, May 4th Please check or Pipefitters Training Center Facebook for updates. The recruitment, selection, employment, and training of apprentices during their apprenticeship, shall be without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex. The Pipefitters Local 533 Educational Training Fund will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 30. Anyone interested in information regarding the Training Center or the Apprenticeship Program may call for information at (816) 761-8800 or visit