As a weary nation enters the holiday season and infection rates soar to their highest levels we hear the devastating news of the loss of Kansas City Fire Department Captain Robert “Bobby” Rocha and Communications Specialist / Paramedic, Scott Davidson, who lost their battle with COVID-19.

The passing of Fire Captain Bobby Rocha and Scott Davidson saddens all KCFD brothers and sisters deeply. The entire city mourns the loss of these two men who served the community they loved for so many years.

Fire Captain Bobby Rocha

Scott Davidson

“I am sad to report that KCFD Fire Captain Robert “Bobby” Rocha lost his battle with COVID-19. He was a vibrant and beloved part of the KCFD Family for 29 years,” said KCFD Fire Chief Donna Lake. “His passing represents a personal loss to all of us who knew him. I cherish both his friendship and professionalism. KCFD first responders continue to put their lives on the line daily in service to our City as this pandemic rages on. My request to all is to follow the guidance to protect yourself and your family from this virus.”
Captain Rocha touched an immeasurable number of lives with his heroism along the way.

Scott Davidson was 45 years old and served Kansas City for 18 years. Scott was a dedicated member of the Communications Division of the Kansas City Fire Department. Scott also served as a Paramedic and that service to the City of Kansas City included service with MAST Ambulance.

The Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department is hoping any COVID-19 vaccine will be offered to its firefighters and paramedics at the same time it’s offered to doctors and nurses in the hospitals.

As it stands now, the department responds to as many as 30 COVID-19 related calls a day, but even if they’re responding to something like a car crash, they’re on high alert.

We must continue to be vigilant in our protections of all our KCFD members and recognize the sacrifice and service they have provided to the community of Kansas City Missouri.

This marks the third line of duty death of KCFD members from COVID-19.

Americans have an opportunity to help our essential workers. Consistently wearing face masks, practicing social distancing and taking other safety precautions will slow COVID-19’s spread and provide much-needed relief to the essential front-line workers battling burnout as well as the virus.