After thirteen days, four members of Pipefitters Local 533 have returned from an infrastructure building trip into a remote part of Mongolia. The members went to Mongolia in September to install a reverse return hydronic heating system intended to provide warmth to buildings that were formerly used by the Russian military, in the remote and bitter cold of the Mongolian steppe as part of a church organized trip. The trip was a collaboration between Abundant Life and Harvest Baptist in the Kansas City-area and acted as the final step for a project that began in 2018, prior to the pandemic, and required that all supplies be shipped ahead of time from America.

The four members flew to South Korea then Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. From there, they continued to travel by bus until they reached their destination of Hatgal, Mongolia, 50 hours after leaving home. The buildings that they provided heat for are used as youth camps for Mongolian children.
“This trip was a wonderful experience that allowed us to give back through our trade to a community in need,” said Jeff Newton. “We will be planning on returning again next year, 2023. If anyone is interested in knowing more information about this ongoing project or even jumping onboard and coming with this great group of guys, they can contact me at 816-286-6253.”