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Alise Martiny, Business Manager of the Greater Kansas City Building and Trades, joined Slacker of 101 The Fox to talk with the MVP of the week, Paula Winkler of Laborers Local 264. She is one of the founders of Heartland Women in Trades. Reggie Thomas, the Business Manager of Local 264, nominated her for the award. She is known for volunteering with her Local every chance she gets. Paula has been with Local 264 for roughly twenty years now after joining in 2001. Winkler has been heavily involved in Heartland Women in Trades and worked hard on the Right-To-Work drives. She is employed by J.E. Dunn.

Paula joined the union because she got divorced and needed money to pay the mortgage. Her step-father suggested she join the union, where she has done everything imaginable since then. She has poured concrete, wrecked forms, swept trash, you name it. “First one on the site, last to leave.” Paula has really worked as a trailblazer in this space. Her contributions to HWIT continue to matter, not just today, but for future generations of female union construction workers.

When asked by Slacker what she thinks about women joining the trades, Paula says, “Take the jump. It’s well worth it to join the trades in the end.” Paula and her husband, Craig Winkler with the Steelworkers, love to boat when they are not working. Craig is a classified machinist. She and her husband love to canoe as well, and enjoy their pontoon. Paula has older children as well as three grandkids, as well as a dog that she and her husband love.

As always, if you want to nominate someone for the MVP of the Week award, go to Congrats Paula, and thank you for all you do for labor and for our community!