The St. Joseph Local #2 Sheet Metal apprentices had the opportunity to be involved in four separate HVAC projects in the south end after a summer storm flooded the area. The contractors in the St Joseph area donated new furnaces, A-coils, condensing units, and duct work to each family. The Sheet Metal Local #2 apprentices donated all the labor required to install the new duct work.

Twelve apprentices were involved in the projects which took approximately three weeks to complete. The families who received help were extremely grateful.

One of the families benefitting from the volunteer community project was a roofer at Seaman & Schuske who has faced a difficult year after having back surgery and being off work, dealing with a flood, and the loss of a loved one, all in the same year. Another couple in their 70’s, who lost everything, would have just done without if the Sheet Metal volunteers would not have stepped in to help. They were also able to bring another family of three back home after living in a hotel for several months. Finally, they helped the father of a long-time union laborer get back into his house, after living with family members for quite some time.

“Completing this project got us all to thinking how good we really have it!” said apprentice instructor, Kelly Owens.

Special thank you to St. Joseph’s head Sheet Metal apprentice instructor, Kelly Owens, for leading this community project and seeing it through to completion. Great work by Sheet Metal #2 apprentices and sincere appreciation to the four Sheet Metal contractors for their generous donations. Know your efforts have made a significant impact on those in your community.