U.S. Representative Emanuel Cleaver, II announced that he has successfully secured $91.85 million in Community Project Funding for local projects across the Fifth Congressional District of Missouri, which includes the Missouri side of the Kansas City metro, in the year-end government funding package. The funding includes infrastructure improvements, housing initiatives, and job training programs as a direct response to many of the most pressing needs of the district. Cleaver’s district received the 27th most out of the 344 U.S. Representatives that submitted Community Project Funding requests, a sign of the prominence that the Kansas City metro has nationally.

  “After a long, hard fight to get this funding across the finish line, I’m proud to have helped secure more than $91 million in Community Project Funding for the Fifth District of Missouri, ensuring our communities have the resources necessary to meet the needs of Missouri families and workers,” said Congressman Cleaver. “From Kansas City to Independence; Grandview to Gladstone; and communities all across our congressional district, these investments will play a major role in creating good-paying jobs, boosting economic development, increasing public health and safety, and protecting the planet for future generations by combating climate change.”

  The funding, amongst dozens of projects, includes: 

  $28,600,000 to the Missouri Department of Transportation for the South Loop Link Project. The project will install a deck over a four-block section of Interstate 670 to create an enhanced green mobility hub, enabling multimodal transportation options, regional job access, green and healthy living space, private development, and climate resiliency.

  $10,000,000 to the University of Missouri-Kansas City for facility upgrades and equipment. The funding will enable construction and additional equipment for schools of Medicine and Dentistry at UMKC.

  $8,000,000 to Kansas City University for facility improvements and equipment. The funding will go toward improvements to facilities and additional equipment for a Center of Excellence to improve population health through its health professions programs.

  $2,000,000 to Metropolitan Community College for facility and equipment upgrades. The funding will allow for equipment and construction of the Penn Valley Campus Health Science Center.

  $2,000,000 to Swope Health for facility improvements and equipment. The investment will allow for construction and equipment for the PACE building at Swope Health.

  $2,000,000 to Saline County for Clean Water Improvements near I-70 and Highway 65 Interchange. The funding will pay to install an upgraded sewer system to ensure clean drinking water for residents of Saline County.

  $4,000,000 to the Kansas City, Missouri Public Works Department to create an 18th Street Pedestrian Plaza. The federal dollars will be used for the creation of a Pedestrian Mall on 18th Street between The Paseo Boulevard and Woodland Avenue near the Historic 18th & Vine Entertainment District. The Pedestrian Mall will be a flexible, multi-purpose assembly area that will allow for a safe and pedestrian-friendly environment for farmers’ markets, festivals, outdoor concerts, and a general congregations area for the district residents when these events are not active.

  $4,600,000 to the City of Grandview for improvements to Blue Ridge Boulevard, which connects two ends of Kansas City and is the main commercial corridor for the City of Grandview. The funding will be used to address safety improvements, including street resurfacing, an expansion of four lanes for traffic, miles of new sidewalk, a wide multi-use path, and all ADA-compliant intersections. 

  $4,000,000 to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) for Low and No Emission Buses and Support Infrastructure. As the KCATA and regional transit partners seek to further incorporate battery-electric buses into the RideKC network, which covers the urban and suburban regions of the bi-state Kansas City region, this funding will help afford replacement buses and support infrastructure necessary for low and no emission buses.

  $3,000,000 to the City of Independence for the Independence Historic Square Streetscape. The funding will be used for street modifications, including one-way and two-way conversions, parallel parking, sidewalks, and ADA ramp improvements. Additionally, for the safety of the citizens and visitors, the streetlights will be improved as well as the addition of bicycle and pedestrian facilities and amenities.

  $3,000,000 to the City of Gladstone for an HVAC replacement at the Gladstone Community Center/Natatorium. The funding will be used to replace two indoor air quality units serving the natatorium space. Since 2008, the Gladstone Community Center/Natatorium has served as the swimming arena for the North Kansas City School District and the site for the District’s 3rd-grade water safety/learn to swim project. Indoor air quality is critical to the facility to protect the participants and spectators.

  The year-end government funding package was passed with Rep. Cleaver’s support, which helped to bring additional federal money into our area. The unwavering union support for the reverend and longtime local leader at the ballot box continues to pay off. These federal projects will lead to thousands of hours of work for union members in Kansas City.