The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades have joined together in partnership with Job Corps to form a program called, “Side by Side”. The partnership took the uniformed efforts of numerous parties in order to create the program. Jeremy Jackson, Excelsior Springs Job Corps painting instructor, created the program in order to lay out a working plan for our younger generations to succeed in the Union. Central Regional Field Coordinator, Michael Anderson gave the green light to start laying the foundation for the program. Dan Hink (Central Regional Director of Trainers), Chad Dalton (Director of Training), and Jeremy Jackson met together to develop the structural guidelines of the program. Dave Cox (Business Agent),represented the voice of District Council 3 on guidelines for apprenticeship wage.

“I am excited to see what we can do with this program. We believe this is a great opportunity for these students  as well as for our local.” said IUPAT DC 3 Director of Training, Chad Dalton. The “Side by Side” program is offered to any Job Corps student in the painting program who has shown interest and ability to continue a career in the Union. Once the instructor feels the student is field ready, they are connected with a contractor who has agreed in advance on the “Side by Side” terms. The terms include a number of on the job training hours and related instruction online hours set by the Director of Training for the Training Fund. The student shall receive a letter of intent from the Contractor to be presented to the Union Hall and Apprenticeship Program. Once this step is complete, the student joins the Union and begins working in the field receiving on the job training, apprenticeship wage, and full Union benefits while simultaneously completing the requirements for the Job Corps program.

Patricia Neal was the first student to participate in the new Side by Side program. She began working with Insco and has since graduated from Job Corps and transitioned to the IUPAT DC 3 apprenticeship program. Coincidently, she spent her first two weeks of on the job learning on the Job Corps construction project where her teachers watched and cheered her on. “My third week was crazy and a little intimidating with all the different trades working around you.” Patricia said. “I choose to take the world by storm every day.” Patricia is an artist and enjoyed watching and helping her father with projects around their home while growing up, so this career choice seemed a natural fit.

“Patricia’s soft skills were already there, she was dependable, and motivated.” said Job Corps Instructor, Jeremy Jackson. “This is a good start to what I believe we can continue to build upon. We have a great relationship with the Job Corps which provides a pipeline for students to enter the trade.” In order for the program to succeed a contractor was needed to take a leap of faith, Insco Industries took that leap.

Jeff Wilson, Coatings Division Estimator stated, “Insco is proud to be the first contractor to be involved with this program. As a Union contractor one of our main hurdles is finding qualified young people who have the initiative to learn painting and coatings. I think the program will help to solve that issue, and allow opportunities to young people to begin a career in a skilled trade.”

Side by Side is a partnership between Job Corps and IUPAT District Council #3. The first student to participate in the new ‘Side by Side’ program was Patricia Neal. Pictured from left, Director of Training, Chad Dalton; Apprentice, Patricia Neal; and Jeremy Jackson, IUPAT Job Corp Instructor.

“Without the support from Dan Hink, IUPAT Central Region Apprenticeship Training Representative, this program wouldn’t be off the ground. Dan was a critical part of our success in establishing Side by Side.” Jeremy noted. The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and Job Corps are committed to working “Side by Side” to support students in the advancement of a successful career path.