After eight years at IUPAT DC 3’s District Council, Jessica Podhola is leaving to become the Executive Director of MOVE Action where she will focus on building grassroots progressive power. Joey Taylor will be taking on communications issues and Josh Wyrick will be assuming any political issues moving forward. Both Taylor and Wyrick have spent more than a decade and half as members of IUPAT and have been well prepared to enter into these new roles.

“I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best leaders in Labor, not only in our organization but in any labor union. I want to thank Todd Doree and Frank Carpenter, they are outstanding human beings and have been great men to work for and with. I have learned so much from both of them,” said Jessica Podhola. “I also want to extend my gratitude to the greater labor movement in Kansas City and beyond. Led locally by folks like Duke and Alise Martiny, statewide by friends like Jake Hummel and Merri Berry for their tireless effort and passion for the working men and women of our communities.”

 “I am excited to join a backbone organization committed to building a durable governing majority rooted in building black, brown, and white working-class power. As Executive Director of MOVE Action, I’ll be supporting a collaborative of Labor, faith, farm, Black liberation, LGBTQIA, repro, and community organizations.I look forward to working with my labor brothers and sisters in taking back power for regular Missourians,” added Podhola.

“Jessica Podhola has been employed by the District Council for eight years as the Director of Governmental Affairs. The Painters and Allied Trades hit a home run with that decision. Not only did the IUPAT benefit from Jessica’s hard work, but Labor as a movement also benefited from everything Jessica fought so hard to achieve. Jessica’s tenacity in scheduling events, from knocking on doors to getting the meetings set up with the candidates, as well as her insight into the candidates running for office, has been instrumental to our success. We are sad to see Jessica leave, but we know she will still be working for Labor and getting candidates elected that support our issues. Jessica has built strong bonds with all of us, and not only will I miss working with her, but she will be missed by all of us here at District Council 3!” said Frank Carpenter, Business Manager and Secretary Treasurer of District Council 3.

“It was an honor to work with Jessica Podhola. Her knowledge, hard work, and dedication she showed every day as IUPAT DC3 Director of Governmental Affairs and Communications will be greatly missed. MOVE and MOVE Action are getting a passionate leader and a great all-around person. I look forward to taking over the communications role within IUPAT DC3 and continuing to get information out to all of our members and contractors through our website and social media,” said Joey Taylor.

“I want to thank Jessica Podhola for being an amazing mentor and guiding me through the political landscape that is Labor’s relationship with politics. Jessica has been, and will always be, a political leader in the social and Labor movement. I know she will do great things in her new role. Jessica’s shoes are impossible to fill, but in my role as Political and Business organizer, I will do my best to build a political movement that not only helps my members, but all working people,” said Josh Wyrick.  

 IUPAT DC 3 Announces New Roles