Sometimes good guys win, not often, but in this case, definitely. Jim Hadel, former Business Manager of Roofers Local 20 was recently elected to lead the International Roofers Union as their President. Jim is the second member of Roofers Local 20 to be elected as the President of the International. Joe Wiederkehr, Jim’s Mentor, held that same position some 40 years ago. Jim Hadel was a force in the Kansas City labor industry when I purchased the Labor Beacon in 1992. A member of Roofers Local 20, Jim joined the local apprenticeship in 1977 and quickly scaled his way to the top. He held various positions before being elected to serve as Business Agent in 1988 and then elected as Business Manager in 1991. While holding down these duties for his own local he was elected as President of the Tri-County Labor Council of Eastern Kansas and held that title from 1992 to 2004. He was Vice-Chair of the Greater Kansas City Building Trades Council; Board member of the  Kansas State Building Trades council; and Secretary-Treasurer of the Missouri Building Trades Council.

In 1998 Jim was elected as International Vice President and In 2004 Jim left the Local when he was promoted to Director of Marketing and Organizing for the International union. In 2009 he was appointed as Director of Jurisdiction and Special Agreements. In 2018 he was elected International-Secretary-Treasurer.

“Honestly, it has been one of the great opportunities of my life to serve the membership of Local 20 as well as the 20,000 plus members of the International,” Hadel stated. “I think that Kinsey (Kinsey Robinson, current President of union) has done a great job and I want to follow his objectives. We have four Key Strategies at the International, Hadle stated. “Leadership Training; Apprenticeship Training; Recruiting new members; and Protecting our work jurisdiction. ”

Jim Hadel pictured with retiring President Kinsey Robinson

Kinsey Robinson has announced that he is stepping down as International President of the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers on January 8, 2022. Robinson stated that “after 55 years of membership and being afforded the unique privilege of serving in the capacity of a general officer for 37 years, it is now time to turn the reins of power over to a younger generation of leaders. Change is positive and necessary in order for new ideas and strategies to emerge so that our union may continue to grow and prosper.” Jim is a workhorse and well-liked by everyone that knows him. I cannot tell you how proud I am to know this man. Best of luck Jim, I can’ tell you how great it is to see a good man come out on top.