Don Hunt, who began his storied career as a Bricklayer apprentice in July 1978 for JE Dunn, has retired from the top position at Bricklayers and Allied Crafts Local 15. He spent 25 years working on “many memorable projects alongside so many memorable and talented people.” In March of 2003, he was hired by the Apprenticeship & Training Fund Trustees as Director, a role that he would then spend the next 15 years of his career in. In June of 2018, and again in 2021, the members of BAC Local 15 MO/KS/NE elected him to serve as the President/Secretary/Treasurer of the local.

New President of BAC Local 15, Dustin Himes

“Working alongside some amazing Instructors and talented craftsmen in their own right, sharing and teaching the skills of our trades to our next generations. Watching young men and women’s confidence in themselves grow as their skills improve while they progress through the apprenticeship program gives me a true sense of pride,” said Don Hunt in his retirement letter to members. “And now, watching the current Director and instructors (whom all but one, were apprentices in the program under my watch) teaching the next generation is especially rewarding to me.”

Hunt continued by saying, “the sincere confidence displayed by your vote has driven me to work tirelessly every day for you and your family, there is no higher privilege. But after forty-four years I am looking forward to taking advantage of the great retirement benefits this Local has made available to its members over the years. Effective April 1, 2022, I will be stepping down and look forward to spending time with my wife and family, home projects, a little golf, and all things that get neglected with jobs like these. I would not be making this decision unless I was 100% confident, I was leaving the Local in capable hands. I could not be prouder of the current Local 15 Management committee and staff, everyone is totally committed to the future of the organization, its members, spouses, and children. Cesar, Alex, Josh, Jeremy, Steve and Ed Black in Omaha I commend for their commitment to the greater good and tireless work… Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve you.”

The management of Local 15 has “unanimously” and “without question or hesitation” appointed Dustin Himes to fill the remainder of Hunt’s term. Himes has been an Instructor for BAC Local 15’s Apprenticeship and served as the Interim Training Director after Don Hunt was elected President of the Local. He has also served on the last two negotiating committees in KC and served on the negotiating committees for Topeka/Salina, KS, Central, MO, St Joseph, MO, Springfield, MO/Pittsburg, KS, and Wichita, KS, negotiations. Himes is “intimately familiar with the day-to-day operations of the Local” and is a Trustee of Local 15’s Welfare Fund, 15 Pension & Supplemental Fund, KBT Welfare & Pension Fund, and the Apprenticeship & Training Fund.

“Dustin is a very savvy and highly motivated young man, husband, and father of three children who is dedicated not only to his family, but to this larger family: the members of Local 15, their families, and the future of Local 15,” said Don Hunt of his replacement.

Himes, in a written statement, said, “I would like to first thank the Local 15 management Committee for giving me the opportunity to serve as President/Secretary-Treasurer of BAC Local 15 MO/KS/NE. I am excited to have the chance to move this Local forward with the blueprint my predecessor has envisioned and the staff to make it possible. It will be an honor to serve every one of you, as well as your families as President/Secretary-Treasurer of this Local. I look forward to the challenge of maintaining a highly skilled, highly trained workforce for our signatory contractors while procuring livable wages, affordable premium health insurance, robust pensions, and safe working conditions for all members of BAC Local 15. I am dedicated and committed to the success of this Local and will do everything I can to make that happen. Please know that my door is always open, and I welcome any ideas for the betterment of this